Yoga Asanas That Can Help You Manage Thyroid Symptoms | – Femina

Yoga Asanas That Can Help You Manage Thyroid Symptoms | – Femina

Our body has various glands which produce different hormones that are in turn responsible for certain functions in the body. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland situated in the neck, which produces thyroid hormones that are important for our metabolism. Too much or too little thyroid hormone both lead to complications. Diet, exercise and a proper lifestyle can help balance this hormone’s levels.

Yoga And Thyroid Health
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A simple but effective remedy to treat thyroid is to practice yoga. Research has found that regular practice of yoga brings down the stress level, which indirectly affects the thyroid gland and its secretion. Various studies conducted in the past prove that yoga is beneficial for the overall well-being of our bodies. It helps in maintaining the level of cholesterol and thyroid-stimulating hormones. Women especially have been found to have favorable results in correcting their thyroid by practicing yoga.

Pro Tip: A constant yoga practice for even six months has proven results in correcting thyroid complications.
Benefits Of Yoga For Your Thyroid
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The advantage of practicing yoga is that it can be effective for both hyper and hypothyroidism. Yoga poses improve the circulation of blood, which in turn improves hormone secretion. They strengthen the neck and focus more on stimulating the throat where the gland is situated. One needs to understand that yoga is a slower process, and the results do take time to reflect on the body.

Pro Tip: Before starting any new exercise regime, especially yoga, do consult a physician and take expert advice.

Yoga Asanas For Thyroid Problem
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Being a natural remedy, yoga does not have any side effects. While the asanas address the overall well-being of the body, certain poses will be more effective for particular problems. Few asanas give a remedy for hypothyroidism, and few are effective at treating hyperthyroidism. Understand your needs and choose the asanas accordingly.

Pro Tip: Attempt the yoga poses only if you are comfortable and confident.
Following asanas can be practised if you are experiencing hypothyroidism.
Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) For Hypothyroidism
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Referred to as the ‘Queen of Asanas’, Sarvangasana or shoulder stand stimulates the overall functioning of the body. Sarv means all, anga means part of the body, and asana refers to the posture. “The shoulder stand pose nourishes the thyroid gland, thereby regulating the metabolism, controlling the heart rate and balancing the nervous system,” says Suman Chhabria, certified yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Anaya.

Pro Tip: Never stay in a yoga pose for longer than you can endure.
Plow Pose (Halasana) For Hypothyroidism
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This asana gets its name from the farming equipment called plough, used by the farmers across India. The equipment is used to prepare the soil for sowing the seeds. This pose benefits the spinal cord which starts from the neck and goes deep down to the tailbone. “It helps in releasing the muscular tension that often hits the back. Halasana regulates the activities of the thyroid and pituitary glands” says Chhabria.

Pro Tip: Beginners should try only a couple of poses at a time and not more while practicing yoga for the first time.
Fish Pose (Matsyasana) For Hypothyroidism
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A reclining back-bending asana, Matsyasana or fish pose, stretches and opens up the throat, chest, shoulders and abdomen. “This pose also stimulates the abdominal and thoracic organs, thereby improving posture,” says the expert.

Pro Tip: Before kickstarting your yoga session, begin with a few minutes’ meditations.
Inverted Lake Pose (Viparitakarani) For Hypothyroidism
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Raise your legs in an inverted position, rest your hands supporting the hips. You rest your legs against the wall or keep support underneath your lower back while doing this asana. This pose helps in directing the energy towards the upper body.

Pro Tip: If you are a beginner, you can use blankets to support this pose.
One-legged Forward Bend (Janu Shirasasana) For Hypothyroidism
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Ahead to knee bend pose gives the perfect spinal stretch. This asana can be even performed by beginners as it doesn’t involve complicated postures. Extend one leg in a seated position and bend forward and touch the toe of the stretched leg. It helps in aiding digestion and also reduces anxiety and fatigue.

Pro Tip: You can tweak the poses slightly to suit your flexibility.
Cat Stretch (Marjariasana) For Hypothyroidism
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The word marjari means cat and asana mean pose. Start from the kneeling position and bend forward. Place your palms on the ground and make a table formation on the back. Take a deep breath, while inhaling and exhaling in this position, make an outward and inward arch on the back. This asana increases spinal flexibility and tones the abdomen.

Pro Tip: The longer one practises this asana, the more beneficial it can be.
If you are experiencing hyperthyroidism, the following asanas are advisable.
Bridge Pose (Setubandhasana) For Hyperthyroidism
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A basic backbend pose, Sethubandasana or the bridge pose prepares the body to perform other advanced yoga poses. “It resembles a bridge; Sethu means bridge, bandha means to lock, and asana means pose. It is excellent for toning the muscles of the thoracic region. This asana helps in reducing depression, stress, and anxiety and calms the brain,” explains the yoga expert.

Pro Tip: Consume fresh fruits and vegetables for better results.
Camel Pose (Ustrasana) For Hyperthyroidism
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Ustrasana or Camel pose is a kneel down, back-bending asana. The front of the body, including the chest, abdomen, and quadriceps, gets a complete stretch, thereby strengthening your back muscles, hamstrings, and buttocks. “It improves the mobility of the spine and the posture. It opens the heart chakra, which is associated with love and compassion,” says Chhabria.

Pro Tip: Avoid consumption of alcohol and quit smoking to set the functioning of the gland right.
Child Pose (Shishu asana) For Hyperthyroidism
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The ultimate relaxation pose, Shishu asana, is also known as Balasana. It is a beginner pose that helps in curing migraines and relieves stress. It is also said to be a restorative asana that stretches the hips, ankle and thighs.

Pro Tip: This asana is usually performed before and after performing Shirsasana.
Corpse Pose (Shavasana) For Hyperthyroidism
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The asana that is performed at the very end of the yoga session needs no spectacular instructions. The sight of it might look simple, but this asana holds key benefits and is considered a compulsory pose to wind up your yoga session.

Pro Tip: The asana teaches the ultimate relaxation technique.
Surya Namaskars For Hyperthyroidism
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This asana is carried out in a sequence, saluting the sun which is considered the highest form of energy. The sequence includes 12 powerful poses, which need to be followed in a certain order. This asana impacts the physical and mental strength of the person.

Pro Tip: One can keep interchanging the legs while performing the subsequent sets for Surya namaskars.
Which Yoga Asana Is Best For Thyroid?
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A. Halasana, Sarvangasana, Setubandhasana, and Ustrasana are some of the asanas which can help manage thyroid problems.
A. Pranayama helps in aiding metabolism and balancing blood sugar levels. These functions help in maintaining the right balance of thyroid hormones.
A. Walking is suited for hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid. It also helps in relieving pain in the legs caused by hypothyroidism.
A. Consuming a well-balanced diet is the key to fighting thyroid problems. Nuts, dairy, eggs, blueberries, tomatoes are considered thyroid superfoods.
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