Yoga poses for two people: 5 fun moves for you and a partner – INSIDER

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Yoga poses for two people: 5 fun moves for you and a partner – INSIDER

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Regularly practicing yoga is a great way to build strength and increase flexibility — and trying out yoga poses for two people can help push your workout even further. 
For example, lung cancer patients who performed yoga with a partner saw an improvement in their flexibility as well as lower body strength after 12 weeks.
Adding a partner to your yoga routine can also give you extra stability in your current poses if you’re struggling. And it can be great for your emotional wellbeing.  
“If you enjoy having a workout partner or want to strengthen a current friendship or relationship, partner yoga can help,” says Stephanie Mansour, a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. 
Here are five easy partner yoga poses you can try.
“The sitting partner forward fold helps you and your partner push yourselves towards greater flexibility while relieving stress and calming your body,” Mansour says.
To do the sitting forward fold, follow these steps:
“Perfecting the back-to-back chair pose requires effective communication between you and your partner. Because of this, the pose not only strengthens your quadriceps and lower back, it also helps you build a stronger relationship with the person you’re performing the move with,” Mansour says.
Follow these steps to do the back to back chair pose:
“The double downward dog may be difficult at first, but once perfected, can be a fun way to stretch your lower body while strengthening your upper body,” Mansour says.
The double downward dog works like this:
This pose is a great way to work on your balance and hamstring flexibility and can be adjusted based on your experience level.
The extended forward leg pose works like this:
Note: If you’re both very flexible, you can try following the same steps, but stand closer together and place your ankle on your partner’s shoulder instead of at their hip.
The standing partner backbend is a great pose to stretch your lower back and chest, Mansour says.
Doing this pose with a partner can also give you extra stability. “Instead of relying on a surface or your own balance, this move allows you to rely on someone you trust to help you stay balanced throughout the move,” Mansour says.  
Follow these steps to do the standing partner backbend:
“As long as you perform the moves with someone you’re comfortable with, partner yoga is a great way to increase flexibility, strength, and communication,” Mansour says. Doing yoga with a partner can also give you extra stability in the poses and make it easier to build strength.
“I recommend partner yoga for anyone looking for a change in their workout routine,” Mansour says.


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