Your Reputation Matters in Email Marketing. Here's How to Protect It. – Entrepreneur

Your Reputation Matters in Email Marketing. Here's How to Protect It. – Entrepreneur

Signing out of account, Standby…
And a little side note; open rates matter.
sender reputation can make or break your email campaign. With a good reputation, you’ll see higher deliverability rates and more recipient engagement – and you’ll likely never have to worry about being blacklisted.
Conversely, if your reputation suffers significant blows, it could preclude you from ever reaching your target audience again.
So what exactly is your email sender reputation and how can you protect it?
Email sender reputation is an evaluation of your disposition as an entity sending emails. If you send good emails and follow best practices while doing it, your reputation will improve, while sending spammy emails or irritating your audience will result in your reputation declining.
Formally, a variety of different email service providers and mailbox providers track your reputation and attempt to quantify it. Just as a bank can evaluate your credit score before permitting you to take out a loan, email service providers can evaluate your domain and email history before allowing you to email a list of new people.
In this way, you can think of your email sender reputation as a credit score for email.
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Of course, there’s also the colloquial sense of holding an email sender reputation. In this less official capacity, you’ll build or destroy your reputation with the quality of the content you send to your email subscribers.
A long history of sending out valuable and relevant information will boost your reputation while spamming messages and trying too hard to push sales will hurt your reputation.
There are several factors in play, but these are some of the most important:
Mastering your email sender reputation and preserving your quantified score and public image will help you see better results in your email marketing campaign. But a good reputation still isn’t enough, by itself, to get you the results you want.
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